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Permoxin Insecticide & Tickicide Spray & Rinse

Permoxin Insecticide & Tickicide Spray & Rinse
Brand: Permoxin

Warning : Do not use on cats. Do not use in animals less than 12 weeks of age.

Permoxin Insecticidal Spray and Rinse alleviates flea allergy dermatitis and paralysis tick on dogs and 'Queensland Itch' on horses. Controls biting insects and flies. Permoxin also has an insect repellant action providing treatment and control of insect bite allergies for cattle, horses and dogs.

Presentation: 250mL and 1L solution, empty 500ml Petspray bottle

Withholding Periods: Meat - 28 days

Active ingredient: Permethrin 40g/L

Permoxin Rinse Concentrate

Permoxin Rinse Concentrate

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